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Dealing with Debt

Recognize the danger signs!

Do you have more debt than you can handle?

Many debt problems are easy to solve, others require professional assistance.  Our advice is to deal with your debt and financial problems now, before they get out of hand.

If you answer YES to any of these questions, YOU NEED HELP:

  • ARE YOU unable to pay your bills when due?
  • DO YOU regularly borrow from one creditor to pay another?
  • ARE YOU subject to wage attachments by your creditors?
  • DO YOUR financial problems affect your job performance?
  • DO YOUR financial problems affect your marriage or family?
  • DO YOUR financial problems affect your health?
  • DO YOU pay interest only, just to satisfy your creditors but never seem to reduce the amount of your debts?
  • ARE YOU depriving your family of the basic necessities in order to pay your creditors?

Most people who go bankrupt or require debt management solutions are good, honest, hard-working, educated and responsible people who do so as a last resort after months, and sometimes years, trying to pay high interest debts that got behind as a result of a significant life event. The common life events are: relationship breakdown, loss of job, serious illness, death of a spouse or a family emergency.

Knowing where you stand is the first step to recovering financial control.  Doing nothing isn’t an option.

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