“I Wish I Knew” Contest

Have you learned any financial lessons the hard way?  Is there a piece of valuable financial advice you wish you’d known before making a past decision?  We want to hear about it!


Submit a video up to 30 seconds long telling us what financial tip you wish someone had told you and you could win $2,000 cash! The first 10 entrants who submit their video before November 15th will be entered into a draw to win $250!


Videos will be posted online on our Google Plus account so you can share with your friends and family.  The 3 videos with the most votes will make it to our short list, with the best advice being awarded the top prize by our panel of judges.  You can also vote on an entry up to once a day and have an additional chance to win a Voter’s Choice prize of an iPad Mini!


Janes & Noseworthy is pleased to be partnering with Goth & Company, Hoyes Michalos, Allan Marshall & Associates and Sands & Associates, Trustee firms from across Canada, to present the “I Wish I Knew” Contest as part of November’s Financial Literacy Month.


The “I Wish I Knew” Contest is now open for entries – we look forward to seeing your submission!


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