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Get out of Debt the Smart Way

We have found a blast from the past when we looked back on our SmartDebt campaign! During this campaign, we drove a Smart car around the city to generate awareness for our campaign and to help inform the public about our efforts of helping Newfoundlanders and Labradorians get out of debt – the smart way.

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Family Ties and Financial Health

In 2016, we introduced Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to our financial health assessment tool.  Looking back on the impact of this tool and our No Debt campaign, it leads us to reflect on the many people across the province who took the time, either on their phone at lunch or in their car after work, or even after their kids went to bed — to click in and assess their financial health.

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Student Loans Owing Under The Canada Student Loans Act

It’s that time of the year when many young adults in our communities are commencing or continuing another year of post-secondary schooling at a university or college, either in a public or private institution. Depending on the student’s career choice and number of years required to complete the courses, it could take, before graduation, thousands

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“I Wish I Knew” Contest

Have you learned any financial lessons the hard way?  Is there a piece of valuable financial advice you wish you’d known before making a past decision?  We want to hear about it!   Submit a video up to 30 seconds long telling us what financial tip you wish someone had told you and you could

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Debt Matters Canada Podcast Appearance

Ian Penney from Janes Noseworthy makes an appearance on the Debt Matters Canada podcast. Ian was also interviewed for two videos that can be found below: Canada Back Taxes Growing Credit Card Debt

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Debt Settlement

If It Sounds “Too Good to Be True” — It Often Is! By Rick Cullen, CMA, CIRP, Licensed Insolvency Trustee You may have seen the ads before – Facebook has many similar little ads, all with slightly different promises, such as: “We used a little-known Canadian law to erase $65,000 of debt in 36 months!”

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