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Bankruptcy Forms and Resources

At Janes & Noseworthy, we believe anyone can overcome their financial situation with the right information, advice and personal determination.  In this section we have assembled several forms you can use.

These forms are in PDF format. If you are unable to read them you will need to download Adobe Reader.  You can either type your information into the form, save it on your computer and then print it; OR, you can print the form and write in your information.

1. Consumer Proposal and Bankruptcy Application Form

This application form details your financial information.  Make sure you record your full legal name, list all your creditors, and state the amount owing to each creditor; if you don’t know the exact amount, an estimate is acceptable.  Once you have completed this application, you can call one of our offices to book an appointment with one of our associates or save it and email it to an office location nearest you and request a free consultation.

2. Monthly Statement of Income

Once you enter into bankruptcy or a consumer proposal, you will use this form to inform us of your monthly income and expenses.  This form is required to be completed each month.

3. Proof of Claim

This form is sent to creditors.  They are required to fill it out in order to prove their claim. If a meeting of creditors is called, those creditors wishing to vote at the meeting must file their proof of claim with the trustee before the time set for the opening of the meeting.